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Colligo Marine Line Terminator CSS71BLK
Colligo Marine Line Terminator CSS70-BLK

For line sizes 3-17mm

Suitable for lashing or pinning

Check specification chart


More Information

Colligo Patented Line Terminators are the only spliceable, lashable and pinnable end fittings that meet Hampidjan's recommended minimum 5/1 bending ratio for DynIce Dux.

This is essential for the long-term durability of Dyneema-based lines as tight bending radii cause compressive stresses that weaken the line considerably.

Larger sizes are available for up to 23 mm lines and custom sizes beyond that.

Note: Some pin size flexibility is designed into these parts - meaning, you can always go slightly smaller if you're in between sizes. Indicate your custom size via email after checkout.

Colligo Marine Line Terminator Specifications