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Colligo Marine Line Terminator CSS71BLK
Colligo Marine Line Terminator CSS70-BLK

For line sizes 3-17mm

Suitable for lashing or pinning

Check specification chart


More Information

Colligo Patented Line Terminator end fittings are the only spliceable, lashable and pinnable end fittings available that meet Hampidjan's recommended minimum 5/1 bending ratio for Dynex Dux.

This is essential for long-term durability of Dyneema based lines as tight bending radii cause compressive stresses that weaken the line considerably.

Larger sizes available for up to 23 mm line and custom sizes beyond that.

Note: Some pin size flexibility is designed into these parts - meaning, you can always go slightly smaller if you're in between sizes. Indicate your custom size via email after checkout.

Colligo Marine Line Terminator Specifications