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Colligo Marine Carbon Male Chainplate - Mini Series
Colligo Marine Carbon Male Chainplate - Mini Series

Male termination, i.e. fits into a fork with a pin

4 lashing holes for 8:1 potential purchase

Suitable for carbon chainplates

This is part of the Colligo Mini Series, which includes the female version and a line distributor

The pin is not included

Check the link below for specifications, dimensions and pin sizes


More Information

Colligo Marine Male Chainplate Distributors are part of the Colligo Mini Series, designed for carbon chainplates, to establish and maintain line tension via multiple lashings. They are suitable for deck chainplates, mast fittings, or even turnbuckles.

Colligo Mini Series Chainplate Distributor for Mini Transat or similar application - Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Wide lashing hole spacing spreads the load, prevents overlapping turns and facilitates accurate tensioning without a struggle
  • Hardcoat marine anodising
  • Extra-large profile sections to maximise strength potential
  • Designed for carbon chainplates
  • 9mm pin size with bush
  • 12.8mm pin size without bush
  • Manufacturer Break Load: 3855kg
  • Maximum lashing line = 6mm diameter
  • Weight: 55g

Colligo Marine Chainplate Distributor Specifications