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50 Metre Coil Deal - Hamma Pro Strand

50 Metre Coil Deal - Hamma Pro Strand

Reduced rate per metre

Guaranteed hamma™ manufacture

Hand wound in to a coil

Larger sizes may be on a reel


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Jimmy Green offer a reduced rate per metre for a 50 metre coil of hamma™ Pro Strand wire rope, 316 stainless steel wire rope to grade 1.4401

The coil is measured from a traceable reel and wound in to a coil by hand and secured by insulation tape.
Larger sizes may be re-wound on to a reel
Please beware - the wire will instantly seek to spring out straight as soon as it is released 

hamma™ Pro Strand

The hamma™ brand is world renowned as a hallmark of quality for stainless steel rigging wire and components manufactured to withstand the rigours of modern day yachting.

The hamma™ manufacturing facility is a state of the art, modern factory located in Thailand with over 550 employees including 60 highly skilled engineers who specialise in the design and production of marine tensile stainless steel solutions.

hamma™  Strand stainless steel wire rope is all produced under strict quality control procedures in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality control, complemented by ISO17025 certification.

hamma™ Pro Strand manufacture includes a special strand compaction engineering process that decreases the constructional stretch of the wire and increases the break load capacity.

hamma™ technologically advanced production techniques ensure that there is no need to pre-stress the wire before use.

hamma™ Pro Strand Facts and Features:

Compacted Strand 1x7 (up to 4mm) or 1x19 (5-12mm) construction

c 30% higher break load than conventional 1x19 wire

Lower stretch than standard 1x19 rigging wire

Smooth, clean aesthetically superior finish

Pre-stressing is not required

hamma™ Regatta components are available to match the superior performance of the wire

Diameter Construction MBL 
2.5mm 1x7 700kg
3mm 1x7 1025kg
4mm 1x7 1795kg
5mm 1x19 2600kg
6mm 1x19 3700kg
7mm 1x19 5100kg
8mm 1x19 6500kg
10mm 1x19 10250kg
12mm 1x19 14400kg

MBL = hamma™  rated minimum break load

  • Purchase Type - 50 metre Coil