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Sustainable Rope

Marlow and LIROS Ropes have been developing more environmentally friendly alternatives to their existing range, which is predominantly manufactured from petroleum-based plastics.

Yachting rope produced from sustainable materials such as recycled plastics (rPET) and bio-based Dyneema® is becoming more widely available.

Here at Jimmy Green Marine, we are proud to support companies that are committed to cleaning up their manufacturing operations by, e.g. optimising energy usage, optimising their fibre sourcing and reusing or recycling their waste.

Green Wave

LIROS Ropes' has also launched a ‘Green Wave’ initiative - a corporate philosophy that not only promotes sustainability in every aspect of their production but also fair, environmentally conscious management of their workforce.

LIROS Green Wave 3 Strand Recycled Polyester Mooring and General Purpose Yachting Line has been developed by LIROS Ropes in partnership with Jimmy Green Marine.

LIROS Green Wave 3 Strand Recycled Polyester is manufactured from rPet recycled plastic by LIROS Ropes exclusively for Jimmy Green Marine.

LIROS Green Wave 3 Strand Polyester compares favourably in performance with other three-strand polyesters including strength and handling, making it eminently suitable for Mooring Lines.


Marlow bring together all their eco-conscious development under one BLUE OCEAN® brand.

Marlow BLUE OCEAN® reduces the reliance on fossil fuels by using fibres manufactured from either waste plastic or natural sources for yachting and boating.

The Marlow BLUE OCEAN® brand is their mark of sustainability assurance and on-going commitment to conduct all operations within an environmentally conscious framework.


Marlow BLUE OCEAN® yarn is GRS certified and manufactured from 100% recycled waste plastic bottles collected from disposal units.

The bottles are manufactured into recycled polyester (rPET) to produce a yarn which has the same specifications and technical characteristics as polyester yarn manufactured using virgin feedstock.

Marlow Blue Ocean Logo

BLUE OCEAN® yarn can be recycled again at the end of its life, therefore aiding a circular economy, as long as it has not been mixed with any other chemicals or fibre materials.

Yachting with BLUE OCEAN®

Since the launch of the award-winning BLUE OCEAN® DOCKLINE in 2018, Marlow have been working hard to innovate, develop and educate the global sailing community about the materials they use in their rope-making to achieve the best quality and performance.

Marlow are the first rope-maker in the Leisure Marine industry to introduce rope products made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials that don't compromise on performance.


ISCC certified, Bio-based Dyneema®

LIROS Ropes and Marlow have introduced Bio-based Dyneema for parts of their performance ranges. The carbon footprint of bio-based Dyneema is nearly 90% lower than generic Dyneema due to sustainable and renewable sourcing. This is a huge gain with no change to the manufacturing process or detriment to the quality and performance of the yarn.

Bio-based Dyneema® fibre - The mass balance approach explained:

Find out more about Bio-Based Dyneema

The following ropes in our range are now manufactured using a Bio-Based Dyneema core. 

  • LIROS Regatta 2000 
  • LIROS Racer 
  • Marlow Excel R8
  • Marlow D2 Racing
  • Marlow D2 GP 78
  • Marlow D12 78

Running Rigging


Marlow BLUE OCEAN® DOUBLEBRAID is the latest addition to the eco-conscious Blue Ocean® product range, manufactured from 100% sustainable materials.

BLUE OCEAN® DOUBLEBRAID Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Heat-set braid-on-braid construction
  • Firm, but flexible composition
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Produced from 100% recycled waste plastic bottles
  • Excellent, uncompromised strength and low stretch performance
  • Suitable for all running rigging applications on cruising yachts


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Mooring Lines


Marlow BLUE OCEAN® DOCKLINE, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, with years of proven mooring line performance.

Marlow Premium Dockline, manufactured exclusively from rPET (recycled polyester yarn) was the first development of this type in the yachting world.
Not only is it made from recycled yarn, it is also recyclable at the end of its working life.

Sustainability Provenance:

  • 100% Post-Consumer Label Grade, Recycled Polyester Yarn (label grade Post-Consumer)
  • The yarn originates in the EU and is certificated to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS)


Marlow BLUE OCEAN® DOCKLINE offers the same uncompromised performance as regular Marlow Dockline:

  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good strength
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Soft and supple flexibility
  • Zero strength loss or shrinkage when wet

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LIROS Green Wave 3 Strand (rPet) Rope

LIROS Article 1114

  • Thermofix Heat-Set, Twisted Lay Construction
  • Firm in the hand
  • Retains flexibility throughout its working life
  • Dependable Strength
  • Excellent Durability - wear and abrasion resistant
  • Superb UV stability - excellent resistance to the harmful rays in sunlight
  • Optimum shock absorbing elongation under load = <15% working load stretch
  • Sinks
  • Available in: 12mm, 14mm and 16mm

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Liros Green Wave 3 Strand Rope