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cromox G6 Stainless Steel Anchor Chain AISI 316

cromox G6 Stainless Steel Anchor Chain AISI 316
cromox G6 Stainless Steel Anchor Chain AISI 316

Cromox Type Prenice 23

Grade 60 AISI 316L stainless steel

Available to order from the Ketten Waelder factory in Germany

Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery

For urgent requirements, Jimmy Green keep 8mm and 10mm DIN766 G6 Plus Electro-Polished in stock

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More Information

cromox G6 stainless steel chain AISI 316L is manufactured to exacting standards in the Ketten Wälder factory, near Munich in Germany

cromox standard type 23 anchor chain is manufactured from grade 60 AISI 316L bright polished stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.

Standard type 23 cromox chain is tested, calibrated and bright polish finished

Ideal for European coastal and offshore cruising

cromox G6 Pitch MBL MBL (kg) Weight per metre
6mm DIN766 18.5mm 37.5KN 3823kg 0.78kg
8mm DIN766 24mm 63KN 6424kg 1.35kg
10mm DIN766 28mm 100KN 10197kg 2.3kg
10mm ISO 30mm 100KN 10197kg 2.2kg
12mm ISO 36mm 142.5KN 14531kg 3.2kg
13mm DIN766 36mm 167KN 17029kg 3.9kg
14mm DIN766 41mm 185KN 18865kg 4.4kg

MBL = manufacturer tested break load
1Kn Force = 101.972Kg Break Load

  • Purchase Type - Set Lengths
  • Chain Size - 12mm
  • Chain Size - 13mm
  • Chain Size - 14mm
  • Chain Size - 6mm
  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Chain Size - 10mm
  • Chain Finish - Stainless Steel

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