cromox G6 Electro Polished Stainless Steel Anchor Chain AISI 316L

Cromox Type Prenice 23

Grade 60 AISI 316L stainless steel

Electro Polished

Available to order from the factory

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cromox G6 Electro Polished stainless steel chain AISI 316L is manufactured to exacting standards in the Ketten Wälder factory, near Munich in Germany.

cromox standard type 23 anchor chain is manufactured from Grade 60 AISI 316L bright polished stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.

Standard type 23 cromox chain is tested, calibrated and bright polish finished

Allow extra time for the electro polishing process

3 year electro polished Manufacturer Guarantee against corrosion
Electro polishing for the ultimate finish -  reduces micro roughness, removes burrs and encourages ferritic ions to leave the chain surface making it much less likely to retain stains.

Ketten Walder will re-polish and extend the warranty on any of their G6 chain if it is returned to the factory.
Ketten Walder will extend this warranty if the chain is returned for inspection at the end of it's regular warranty period.
The chain must be returned to to the KW service center in Bad Endorf, Germany.
If KW advise that repairs are required, an estimate will be provided. 
KW will also refresh the surface protection layer for a nominal service fee if required.

Select electro polishing for extra peace of mind

Ideal for European coastal and offshore cruising

cromox G6PitchMBLMBL (kg)Weight per metre
6mm DIN76618.5mm37.5KN3823kg0.78kg
8mm DIN76624mm63KN6424kg1.35kg
10mm DIN76628mm100KN10197kg2.3kg
10mm ISO30mm100KN10197kg2.2kg
12mm ISO36mm142.5KN14531kg3.2kg
13mm DIN76636mm167KN17029kg3.9kg
14mm DIN76641mm185KN18865kg4.4kg

MBL = manufacturer tested break load
1Kn Force = 101.972Kg Break Load

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