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Danbuoy Flag Release Strap
Danbuoy Flag Release Strap

Jimmy Green Danbuoy Flag Release Strap

A simple velcro strap with thin cord keeps the flag rolled up


More Information

Jimmy Green Danbuoy Flag Release Strap, a simple velcro strap with thin cord prevents keeps the flag rolled up

Danbuoy flag material is very lightweight to maintain danbuoy stability in a seaway

Release strap purpose:

  • Prevents flying/flogging/being blown out prematurely in the breeze
  • Minimises the area subject to UV degradation
  • Enables quick deployment with flag free to fly

Attach the line to e.g. backstay to ensure swift deployment

N.B. Flags on the Inshore and Coastal Danbuoys (where a light is not fitted) can also be protected by the Danbuoy Flag Protector (tube assembly)