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Holt 30mm Dynamic Blocks

Holt 30mm Dynamic Blocks
 Articulating Back to Back
Single Stand Up
Single Swivel
Single Swivel Clevis Pin
Double Fixed Becket
Fixed Back to Back

The Holt 30mm dynamic block range offers excellent stainless steel ball race systems for low friction performance.

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More Information

The Dynamic bearing system features stainless ball bearings on a stainless axle.

The blocks also feature an open axle for easy line attachment and a full moulded jacket for sheave protection and impact resistance.

The 20mm and 30mm sizes also feature a cold forged pro-strap which gives a rope friendly attachment and greater articulation.

These blocks also have stainless steel cheeks with weight reducing windows.

Type Break Load Dynamic Load Max Line Dia Weight Part No
30mm Single Fixed 750kg 140kg 10mm 26g HT2030
30mm Single Swivel 600kg 170kg 10mm 37g HT2030SC
30mm Single Stiff swivel Clevis Pin 600kg 240kg 10mm 43g HT2030V
30mm Stand-up 600kg 170kg 10mm 30.2g HT2030LZ
30mm Double Fixed 1250kg 280kg 10mm 72g HT2032
30mm Double Fixed with Becket 1250kg 350kg 10mm 77g HT2033
30mm Triple Fixed 1750kg 420kg 10mm 103g HT2034
30mm Fixed Back to Back 600kg 170kg 10mm 64g HT2038
30mm Articulating Back to Back 850kg 140kg 10mm 58g HT2039
  • Block Size - 30 mm
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