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Tough flexible polypropylene

Cushioning foam insert

Webbing strap protectors:

Spread the load
Prevent wear

Priced per pair

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More Information

CHOK-A-BLOK Strap Guard is a tough polypropylene webbing guard, product protector and anti-wear sleeve that can follow the contour of any load, flexing and bending to help maintain exceptional security.

Use with Jimmy Green cam and ratchet straps

  • Eliminates damage to finished surfaces
  • Protects webbing from damage
  • Allows high webbing tension for maximum security
  • Easy to slip onto webbing strap and can be butt-jointed to extend protection
  • Protective Plastazote foam is inert and will not cause corrosion or staining

Strap sizes 25mm (1 ") to 38mm (1 1/2 ") use product CB0380
Strap sizes 35mm (1 1/2 ") to 50mm (2 ") use product CB0500

Key Features of the Strap Guard

  • Clips easily onto the webbing strap
  • Lightweight and stays in place on the strap throughout the important stage of strap positioning
  • Slides easily along the strap to the point of contact
  • Additional units can be added to extend the area of coverage
  • Because the foam has a closed cell structure it is resistant to the ingress of moisture and solid debris
  • As tension is applied to the strap, frictional damage to the surface of the cargo is eliminated because the strap is allowed to slip easily across the polypropylene top surface

The need to protect the cargo and the webbing strap has been the paramount objective in both the design and selection of materials in the manufacture of the CHOK-A-BLOK™ strap guard.

To protect the cargo, a medical grade foam is used. The foam is formed by creating bubbles of environmentally inert nitrogen within polyethylene, resulting in a highly pure foam which will not cause corrosion or silver staining, it is lightweight, tough, flexible, C.F.C. & H.C.F.C. free, chemically inert, non toxic and resistant to moisture, oils, solvents, dilute acids and UV light.

The webbing strap clip section is made from polypropylene, it is flexible even at low temperatures, it is chemical resistant to most acids, oils and fuels, this material is also used for automotive battery cases therefore ideally suited for use in the challenging conditions of the haulage and transport industry.

The combination of these two materials provides a balance of toughness and softness that is unique to CHOK-A-BLOK™.

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