Dynice Dux - 12mm


Near zero constructional stretch and creep - 12 strand hollowbraid construction - Easy to inspect - Ideal for wire replacement

This diameter is subject to a 2 to 3 week lead time

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Hampidjan have named this rope Dux because it loosely translates from Latin to mean the top of the class.

DynIce Dux heat set dyneema 12 strand construction line outperforms other Dyneema® 75, 78 and 90 versions becuse it is much stronger, exhibits less stretch and creep because all the constructional elongation has been removed in the Hampidjan special engineering process during manufacture.


DynIce Dux SK75 heat set rope outperforms other Dyneema 75, 78 and 90 ropes.

For use as a replacement for wire standing rigging, Dynice Dux must be specified so that the working load is less than 20% of the breaking strain of the line to eliminate creep completely.
This generally means that the DynIce Dux will be a larger diameter than the wire it replaces.

DynIce Dux is manufactured from super enhanced Dyneema SK75 in a hollowbraid construction conducive to very strong splicing and impregnated with Durapur for added protection and improved abrasion resistance. 
DynIce Dux delivers very high strength and exceptionally low creep/stretch.

Hampidjan special engineering ensures that all constructional elongation has been removed in the production process.

DynIce Dux chart
DynIce Dux chart 2

DynIce Dux versus 1 x 19 Wire

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