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Odeo Distress Flare
Odeo Distress Flare
Odeo Distress Flare

Odeo stands for Omni Directional Electrical Optical signal

An innovative replacement and enhancement to traditional hand flares.

Simple to operate activation

Built in SOS signal

User replaceable batteries

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More Information

ODEO Flare

The Odeo Flare illuminates for around 9 hours at full illumination compare to traditional flares that illuminate for around 30 seconds. Because the odeo electronic flare is battery opperated (high power Lithium) the Odeo Flare is totally safe when switched off, and can even be safely posted or carried in baggage on flights.

Whilst originally designed for marine use, its lightweight, safe performance means that it is incredibly useful for any outdoor activity. The smaller size makes the Odeo Distress Flare ideal for mountaineering, skiing, kayaking, expeditions etc. – any activity that can benefit from the added safety and security of carrying a distress flare.

Key Features

  • Includes Infra red LED for NVG search and rescue
  • SoS signal built in
  • Simple activation
  • Waterproof - Tested to 50m
  • LED colour: Red
  • Detection range: Minimum 3 nautical miles; up to 6 nautical miles in ideal conditions
  • Operating life: 9 hours at full illumination
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +60°C
  • Weight (including batteries): 150g
  • 4 x AAL91 Lithium batteries
  • Battery: Recommend battery change every year
  • Supplied with lanyard
  • Floats
  • Small compact design (grab bag item)


  • No heat, no flame, no risk
  • Safely posted or carried in baggage on flights