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Sewn Ensign - Netherlands - graphic
Sewn Ensign - Netherlands - graphic
Sewn Ensign - Belgium
Sewn Ensign - France
Sewn Ensign - Netherlands
Sewn Ensign - Germany
Sewn Ensign - Ireland
Sewn Ensign - Italy
Sewn Ensign - Latvia
Sewn Ensign - Lithuania
Sewn Ensign - Monaco
Sewn Ensign - Poland

Foreign Ensigns - Premium Sewn

Triple hemmed, made in the UK

The best quality rich colour fabric: MoD 155 gram m2 woven polyester

Varnished toggle and polyester braided tail

Please note these are made to order, allow 10 days for delivery


More Information

Only simple bicolour and tricolour flags are listed but more complex flags/countries can be added

Jimmy Green Foreign Ensigns are manufactured to the highest standard in our supply partner factory in the UK.
The strict quality controls in place ensure that each flag is well crafted, neatly stitched, UV-Fade and Wind-Fray Resilient.
All Ensigns are manufactured from very strong and durable 155 gram per m2 (+/- 5%) top quality MoD 100% polyester, special knit, woven bunting

Jimmy Green Ensign Plus Factors:

Premium Sewn and Appliqué Sewn: manufactured in the UK British Manufacture Sewn Ensigns

  • Sizing (traditional diagonal measurement) is nominal and may vary slightly due to the nature of the production/sewing process.
  • Complex motifs may be screen prints appliqué sewn to the appropriate panel
  • Excellent definition/detail on motifs, crests and emblems
  • Top quality MoD UV resistant 100% polyester woven bunting
  • Component panels cut out from MOD approved 155gm m2 top quality UV resistant 100% polyester woven bunting
  • Rich colours
  • Colourfast and fade resistant
  • All panels stitched together to form the full ensign pattern
  • Hoist reinforced with special flag webbing tape
  • Braided Polyester line sewn into the integral hoist tape creating a loop to grip the varnished toggle at the top and a tail at the bottom
  • Finished with triple stitched hems (outside edges)

N.B. Due to the intricate nature of some patterns and motifs, the screen printed design is sewn on to the panel using the appliqué stitching technique.

Traditional Yard Sizing for Flags

The yard sizing (traditional diagonal measurement) is nominal and may vary slightly due to the nature of the production/sewing process.

  • Yard Size refers to the outside diagonal measurement e.g. from the top corner of the hoist to the bottom corner of the fly end.
  • The fly is measured along the horizontal length, top or bottom.
  • The hoist is measured down the vertical length of the left hand side next to the staff.
  • The Fly end is the opposite end to the hoist = the end that flies in the breeze.
  • Flag Size - 1 1/2 Yard
Jimmy Green wooden flag toggle
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Jimmy Green stainless steel flag staff holder with screw
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