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Wichard Rescue Line Cutter
Wichard Rescue Line Cutter
Wichard Rescue Line Cutter

Enables users to quickly cut any small line diameters

Will cut Dynemma ®, net lines webbing and kite lines

The blade is made from reinforced stainless steel


More Information

The Wichard Rescue Line cutter has been specifically developed for rescue operations (offshore racing, sport catamaran, white water sports etc).

The secured sheath enables the line cutter to be positioned in all situations.

Multiple fastening points for webbing allows the security sheath to be positioned for easy retrieval in multiple locations:life jacket, arm, leg and on various supports cockpit, steering wheel, mast foot block, trampoline, catamaran cross beam, etc.

The rescue line cutter has a built in stainless steel reinforced shackle key incorporated into the handle, for shackles up to 12mm diameter.

Thanks to a specific treatment, the line cutter is specially hardened (70 HRC) for better and longer cutting power.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Shackle key
  • Fluorescent glows in the dark
  • Fastening points
  • Secured sheath with multiple fastening points