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50m Coil Deal - PVC Covered Stainless Steel 1x19 Wire
50m Coil Deal - PVC Covered Stainless Steel 1x19 Wire

Reduced rate per metre

Genuine KOS Manufacture

Traceability is assured

Hand wound in to a coil

Cut to length in house


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Jimmy Green offer a reduced rate per metre for a 50 metre coil of PVC Coated, KOS manufactured, 316 stainless steel wire rope to grade 1.4401

The coil is measured from a traceable reel and wound in to a coil by hand and secured by insulation tape.
Larger sizes may be re-wound on to a reel
Please beware - the wire will instantly seek to spring out straight as soon as it is released.

Jimmy Green Marine source PVC coated stainless steel wire rope from Seago Yachting, one of the official UK distributors of KOS wire.

KOS Stainless Steel Wire Rope manufactured using 316 marine grade stainless steel to 1.4401 is recognised throughout the world for its superior quality and has an outstanding reputation for suitability in a marine environment for Sailboat Standing Rigging and Guard Wires

Jimmy Green Marine operate a strict accountability process for every reel of wire that the Jimmy Green Rigging Team use and record the corresponding batch number on every rigging order.

Traceability is an important feature of the Jimmy Green assurance policy: STAINLESS STEEL WIRE - QUALITY CONTROL AND CARE

Jimmy Green Marine offer the full range of Sta-Lok and Petersen swageless terminals e.g. eyes, forks, studs and guard wire termination options

KOS 1x19 Stainless Steel AISI 316 4mm 6mm
Wire Minimum Break Load 1280kg 2880kg

Manufactured by KOS, generally acknowledged in the Marine Industry as the world's leading stainless steel wire producer

Wire Diameter/Overall Diameter available:

  • 4mm wire, PVC covered to 6mm overall diameter
  • 5mm wire, PVC covered to 8mm overall diameter