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hamma™ Top Opening Snapshackle - large bail
hamma™ Top Opening Snapshackle - standard bail

Based on Navtec Norseman Gibb design

17-4PH electro-polished stainless steel

Top Opening prevents snagging after release

Standard or large bail

3 sizes


More Information

hamma™ Top Opening Snapshackles are a direct copy of the long discontinued universally popular Navtec design.

Top opening snapshackles have a specific design purpose - they are hinged at the top of the shackle head rather than on the side preventing the released arm from snagging on the line or clew you are trying to set free.

Use for sheets, guys and control lines, but not for halyards.
Use a side opening design for halyards

Plus Factors:

  • Top opening hinge prevents the snapshackle getting hooked after release
  • High Tensile Strength 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Electro-polished finish
  • Swivel head for rotation
  • Original Norseman Gibb Shape and Design
  • Simple plunger pin release with clevis ring for attaching lanyard
  • Ergonomic snap closure
  • Standard or Large Bail

The Hamma brand is rapidly becoming recognised as a mark of quality for marine grade stainless steel components fit for the demands of modern day yachting.

The Hamma manufacturing facility in Thailand has over 550 employees including 60 highly skilled engineers who specialise in the design and production of marine tensile stainless steel solutions.

hamma™ stainless steel components are all produced under strict quality control procedures in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality control, complemented by ISO17025 certification.

Hamma Top Opening Snapshackle Dimensions

Standard Bail Size Throat Width Bail Width Thickness Length MBL
HM-902-01S Size 1 17.5mm 14mm 8mm 72mm 2200kg
HM-902-02S Size 2 23mm 20mm 10mm 99.5mm 4100kg
HM-901-03S Size 3 28mm 25.4mm 12mm 117mm 6100kg
Large Bail Size Throat Width Bail Width Thickness Length MBL
HM-902-01L Size 1 17.5mm 14mm 8mm 72mm 2200kg
HM-902-02L Size 2 23mm 25mm 10.5mm 107.5mm 4100kg
HM-902-03L Size 3 28mm 28mm 13mm 129mm 6100kg

MBL = Manufacturer (hamma™) Break Load
Length = Length overall