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petersen hi mod eye
petersen hi mod eye
petersen hi mod eye

Machined Eye Terminal

DIY swageless hand tool operation

Superior HI-Mod Compression design

Select the correct wire option:
Standard 1x19 or Compact Strand 1x7

Check the chart for dimensions


More Information

Petersen Hi-Mod Swageless Compression Terminal - Eye End

Petersen Hi-Mod terminals are designed for easy assembly by using an exclusive ‘twist-click’ system.

This method is extremely beneficial on large diameter or Compact Strand wire where the strands are stiff and difficult to bend.

Hi-Mod twist and click assembly:

  • Hold the end fitting against the crown ring
  • Twist the body in the same direction as the lay of the wire while applying upward pressure.
  • The outer wire strands will click into position on the crown
  • If necessary, use a small screwdriver to reposition any strands that have inadvertently crossed

Petersen have producd a very informative video illustrating the twist and click method and how to fit their Hi-Mod terminals to wire successfully:


Hi-Mod Compression Eye Diagram

Petersen H= Eyeø C L T A/F Weight
3mm Eye 6.35mm 11mm 22mm 5mm 9.5mm 21g
4mm Eye 8mm 14mm 28mm 6.5mm 11mm 39g
5mm Eye 9.53mm 17mm 32mm 7.8mm 14mm 65g
6mm Eye 11.1mm 20mm 38mm 9.5mm 17mm 126g
6mm Eye US 12.7mm 23mm 43mm 11.5mm 17mm 140g
7mm Eye 12.7mm 23mm 43mm 11.5mm 20mm 165g
8mm Eye - DS 12.7mm 23mm 48mm 11.5mm 22mm 235g
8mm Eye 14.28mm 24mm 52mm 13.5mm 22mm 355g
8mm Eye - US 16mm 29mm 56mm 15mm 22mm 390g
10mm Eye 16mm 29mm 59mm 15mm 26mm 462g
10mm Eye - US 19.05mm 34mm 65mm 17.5mm 26mm 600g
11mm Eye 19.05mm 34mm 65mm 18mm 26mm 600g
12mm Eye 19.05mm 34mm 79mm 17.5mm 32mm 912g
14mm Eye 22.2mm 40mm 86mm 21.5mm 36mm 1344g

US = Up size
DS = Down size

NOTE: Petersen Stainless use the following convention throughout their range – the pin size is the smallest diameter hole that our pin will fit into, the hole size is the largest diameter pin that will fit in the hole. For example, if we list a pin as being 12mm then the pin will fit into a 12mm diameter hole and conversely if we list a hole as being 16mm then a 16mm diameter pin will fit in the hole. If in doubt please ask.