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Petersen hi mod extender
Petersen hi mod extender
Petersen hi mod extender

Simple solution

Hi-Mod terminal extender

One end female thread
Other end male thread

Fits between the two terminal parts

N.B. match extender and terminal size

Check the chart for dimensions


More Information

Petersen Compression Terminal Extenders

The Hi-MOD Compression Terminal Extender is a versatile component which will allow a damaged swage terminal to be cut of and replaced with a Hi-Mod terminal.

The extender fits between the two halves of any Hi-Mod compression terminal to make up the lost length.

The extender makes up for approximately 15 times the wire diameter in length and can even be joined to another extender.

Petersen Advisory:
The extender is a temporary fix and damaged wires should be replaced as soon as possible.

Petersen compression extender

Wire Diameter Extension A/FL A/FS Outside Diameter Weight
3mm 45mm 6mm 9.5mm 11mm 24g
4mm 60mm 8mm 11mm 13mm 39g
5mm 75mm 9mm 14mm 16mm 100g
6mm 90mm 11mm 17mm 19mm 131g
7mm 105mm 13mm 20mm 22mm 207g
8mm 120mm 16mm 22mm 26mm 311g
10mm 150mm 17mm 26mm 30mm 536g
12mm 180mm 22mm 32mm 39mm 1023g
14mm 210mm 24mm 36mm 44mm 1637g