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Marlow Cordless Hot Knife
Marlow Cordless Hot Knife

Handy cordless versatile tool

Rope Cutter and Rope Heat Sealing Capability

No more messy rope burning with lighters

No mains electricity required

UK or Euro charger option


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Marlow Cordless Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutter and Rope Heat Sealer Facts, Features, and Plus Factors

This an excellent addition to any onboard Rigging Tool Kit, capable of tackling any task that a 240volt can do, with no mains electric cable required, but perhaps not suited to continual heavy trade use. 

Cuts and heat-seals ropes quickly and efficiently

The blade heats up to a temperature of 400°c in seconds

Supplied in a handy carry case

In the box:

  • 1 x KD-DC100R Handle
  • 1 x brush for cleaning the blade
  • 1 x battery pack 14.4V/2.0Ah
  • 1 x 240volt mains charger