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HSGM Engel Hot Knife
HSGM Engel Hot Knife

Genuine HSGM, not a copy

The professional rigger's choice

Cuts and heat seals ropes up to 24mm

Complete with blade, cable and 240volt plug

Available with EU plug on request


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HSGM Engel Hot Knife Rope Cutter and Rope Heat Sealer

This is the original, professional design and manufacture.
There are copies available, but this is the original, genuine article.

HSGM Hot Knife Facts, Features, and Plus Factors:

  • Trade quality - used by professionals
  • Designed for heavy usage
  • Simple and economical to operate
  • Heats up in under 10 seconds
  • Suitable for Webbing, Elastic, Cord, Rope and other synthetic materials
  • R shape cutting blade included
  • UK unit is green, EU unit is blue