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Seago Spirit 240-ADK Dinghy
Seago Spirit 240-ADK Dinghy
Seago Spirit Pump and Repair Kit
Seago Spirit Seat and under seat stowage bag
Seago Spirit 240-ADK Dinghy dimensions
Seago Spirit 270-ADK Dinghy Dimensions
Seago Spirit 270 and 290 ADK Dinghy
Seago Spirit 320-ADK Dinghy

2.4, 2.7, 2.9 and 3.2 metre options

ADK = Air Deck and Keel

UV stabilised Decitex 1100 900g PVC

Inflatable floor and keel delivers stability and performance


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The Seago Spirit Air Deck and Keel Range features an inflatable floor and keel for stability and performance

Seago Spirit Tenders are manufactured from top quality 1100 Decitex 900g PVC

Seago Spirit Range Plus Factors:

  • Tough Decitex PVC fabric
  • Adjustable seat with water resistant stowage
  • Stainless steel towing eyes and lifting handle
  • Multiple Chambers
  • Carry bag
  • Bow bag
  • Aluminium oars
  • Pin System Rowlocks
  • Grab handles (upgraded from grab lines)
  • Large tubes
  • Inflatable floor with keel
  • Repair kit
  • Pump and adaptor
  • Attractive light grey/navy colour
  • Anti splash rubbing strake

The Seago 320-ADK has 2 seats as standard

Seago 240-ADK 270-ADK 290-ADK 320-ADK
Length 2.4 metres 2.7 metres 2.9 metres 3.2 metres
Chambers 2 3 3 3
Maximum Capacity 3 persons 3 persons 4 persons 4 persons
Maximum Weight 310kg 420kg 475kg 566kg
Maximum Engine 5hp 6hp 10hp 15hp
Seago Packed Dimensions Packed Weight
240-ADK 107cm x 52cm x 32cm 29.3kg
270-ADK 112cm x 62cm x 35cm 39.3kg
290-ADK 112cm x 62cm x 35cm 40.5kg
320-ADK 112cm x 62cm x 35cm 42.5kg
  • Maximum capacity - 3 persons
  • Maximum capacity - 4 persons