Makefast Webbing Adjuster

Jackstay Anchor

Designed and manufactured in the UK

For webbing width 25mm

£ 12.50 inc VAT

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Makefast design and manufacture safety buckles and slides in 316 stainless steel.
Makefast operate a rigorous quality control system certified to ISO:9001:2008 (Certificate FM 60306)
Makefast are based in Newtown, nestled in beautiful Mid Wales.

Makefast have produced their Webbing Adjuster with webbing jackstays in mind.
Makefast call their webbing adjuster the Jackstay Anchor.
The Jackstay Anchor has a tested break load of 11KN - which converts to approximately 1122kg

There is a two part system to threading the webbing.

  1. the webbing lock on the standing part
  2. the failsafe adjustable arrangement for the looped end

The installation diagram is pictured above.

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