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Harken Round Padeye

Harken Round Padeye
Harken Round Padeye
Harken Round Padeye

17-4 PH stainless steel

Good for mounting boat blocks

76mm is a high-load padeye


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These round padeyes are great for mounting blocks.

They make very useful attachment points for various rigging items like staysails and reefing blocks.

For maximum strength, always align fixed padeye bails to the load.

Max Working Load / Breaking Load
Item Max Working Load 1 Max Working Load 2 Max Working Load 3 Breaking Load 1 Breaking Load 2 Breaking Load 3 Fasteners (FH)
57mm Round Padeye 2270kg 2040kg 1950kg 4535kg 4080kg 3900kg 6mm
95mm Round Padeye 9070kg 5440kg 6350kg 18140kg 10890kg 12700kg 12mm
76mm High-load Round Padeye 5358kg 4705kg 3855kg 10716kg 9430kg 7710kg 10mm
Harken Round Padeye Dimensions
Item A C D E F G Weight
57mm Round Padeye 57mm 27mm 30mm 30mm 16mm 24mm 118g
95mm Round Padeye 95mm 44mm 48mm 51mm 27mm 44mm 652g
76mm High-load Round Padeye 76mm 33mm 40mm 50mm 29mm 37mm 312g
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