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D-16 D-Splicer Scissors

The preferred choice for professional riggers

Designed for cutting tough modern hi-tech fibres

e.g. Ropes containing Dyneema, Aramid (Kevlar, Technora) and Vectran

D-Splicer Line Diameter Recommendation

D16 up to 8mm 

D20 up to 10mm 

D26 up to 14mm 


More Information

Dyneema, Aramid, and Vectran are exceptionally tough, making them difficult to cut and work.

Cutting ropes containing these modern synthetic fibres will be a struggle with ordinary scissors or knives.

D-Splicer Scissors Facts, Features, and Plus Factors:

  • Speed and accuracy where regular scissors won’t work
  • Comparatively effortless
  • Laser-cut blades from high-carbon stainless steel
  • Specially modified cutting angles
  • Excellent grinding profile
  • D20 and D26 scissors feature larger ergonomic handles to allow the user to create more significant pressure.