LIROS Handy Anchor

Braid on Braid Construction

Polyester Anchor Line:

Lead weight built into the last 10 metres

Chain is not required

Stainless steel thimble eye splice included

Stowage Bag included

Especially easy to handle and stow

Length options:
30 metres x 10mm
30 metres x 12mm
40 metres x 14mm
40 metres x 16mm

£ 100.00 inc VAT

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LIROS Handy-Anchor (01320)

Superb quality LIROS braided anchor line with lead weight built into the last 10 metres.
Can be used without chain, making it especially easy to handle and stow.

Ready to deploy:
Stainless steel thimble eye spliced into one end, whipping on other end, professionally finished by LIROS technicians at the LIROS factory

Cover: Polyester
Core: Polyester / lead

Available in 20, 30 and 40 metre lengths.

Abrasion and UV resistant.

Supplied in a neat carry/stowage bag

DiameterLIROS Break LoadLength of Warp
10mm1500kg30 metres
12mm2200kg30 metres
14mm3100kg40 metres
16mm4000kg40 metres

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