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Lewmar Winch Spare Parts and Conversion Kits

Lewmar Winch Spare Parts and Conversion Kits

Replacement Parts and Conversion Kits

Genuine Lewmar manufacture

Please enquire regarding availability


More Information

All Lewmar spare parts are available to order.

Please identify the part numbers required and we can add them as an option.

We can help you to identify the correct part numbers if required.

Please note that if you are lucky, the parts you need may be in stock at Lewmar.

If there is no stock available, there may be a long lead time from the Lewmar factory.

Part number Part Name
15044639 44-65ST Top Plate
45001400 24 Top Cap
45000930SPA 66 AST NP Base Grey Spare
48540300 EVO 40 Electric Conversion Kit
B2075 WSM125SO2 Crimped Circlip