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Lewmar Windlass Spare Parts
Lewmar Windlass Spare Parts
Lewmar Pro Series 1000w motor - L66000107
Lewmar Windlass Cone and Washer Kit

Replacement Parts

Genuine Lewmar manufacture

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All Lewmar spare parts are available to order.

Please identify the part numbers required and we can add them as an option.
We can help you to identify the correct part numbers if required.

Please note that if you are lucky, the parts you need may be in stock at Lewmar.

If there is no stock available, there may be a long lead time from the Lewmar factory.

Lewmar Windlass Spare Parts
Part Number Part Name
66000097 Pro Series Control Arm Kit
60000191spa 12V 1600W Motor 
65000169 Ocean Windlass (003 gypsy) - rubbing washer
65000583 Ocean Windlass (003 gypsy) - stripper
65001090 Magnet 10 x 8
66000104 Pro Series Seals + Screws Kit
66000107 Pro Series 1000 watt motor
66000607 V700 Fall Safe Kit
66000633 Fast Fit Deck Spacer Kit
66000634 Pro Series Bearing Kit - Gen 2
66000636 Pro Series Compound Gear Kit - Gen 2
66000668 V8 Band Brake Kit
66000720 Cone and Washer Kit
66000758 Pro Series Washer Kit
66000759 Pro Series Gasket Set
66000761 Pro Series Gears and Shaft Kit
66000766 Pro-Guard/Control Arm Kit
66810007 V3 12volt Motor/Gearbox
66810012 V5 24volt Motor/Gearbox
66810030 V2V3 Control Arm Kit
68000816 24V V3 Fast-fit Motor/Gearbox
68001078 CPX4 24V Motor/Gearbox
69000485 V1/2/3 Deck Unit
B13099 V6 24volt motor only
B7782 Spring
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