Seago Lifejacket Rearming Kits

Seago Lifejacket Rearming Kits which can also be used with Seago Inflatable Danbuoy, MOB Rescue System, 3 in 1 Recovery System.

Please obtain a shipping quote for export - maximum 120 grams CO2 per parcel

N.B. Restricted courier options apply

See table below for option descriptions

£ 18.50 inc VAT

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Manual Kit = 1 x CO2 cannister and a couple of green plastic clips, one of which will fit your model of Seago lifejacket.

Automatic Kit also includes the water activation salt tablet housed in the black plastic capsule (as per the pictures)

Hammar rearming kits are available on request.

This list will help you select the rearming kit that you require;

KitJRK-20-1ModelTypeCO2BrandPart no.
Kit 1Junior 100Auto20gUMLJRK-20-1
Kit 2Junior WaveguardAuto24gUMLJRK-24-2
Kit 3150N-175NManual33gUMLMRK-33-3
Kit 4150N-175NAuto33gUMLARK-33-4
Kit 6180N-190NManual38gUMLMRK-38-6
Kit 7180N-190NAuto38gUMLARK-38-7
Kit 8180N-190N Pro SensorAuto38gUMLPSRK-38-8
Kit 11275N-305NAuto60gUMLARK-60-11
Kit 12275N-305NAuto60gUMLPSRK-60-12
UML Mk5 Cartridge180N-190Nn/an/aUMLUMA5001/A

UML = United mouldings

Lifejacket manufacturers recommend that you service your lifejacket every year and this includes updating the automatic mechanism.

N.B. Failing to keep your lifejacket serviced annually may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty.

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