100 Metre Reel Deal - LIROS 3 Strand Polyester

Maximum discount on 100 metre reels of LIROS 3 Strand Polyester
6mm-24mm in stock
Allow up to 3 weeks for 30mm diameter

£ 46.20 VAT incl.

£ 70.00


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100 metre Reel Deals provide the best savings for the bulk buyer or trade customer

LIROS 3 Strand Polyester can be supplied on 100m reels on all sizes from 6mm to 30mm
N.B. these reels may be measured and re-wound from bigger reels in house by Team Jimmy Green

LIROS 3 Strand Polyester is the all round best choice for mooring warps.

LIROS 3 Strand Polyester is the traditional mooring rope choice:
Manufactured from 100% polyester to DIN EN ISO 1141 standard.
High strength and abrasion resistance
Retains flexibility throughout working life 
>15% working load stretch provides good shock absorption

Available in:
White - LIROS article 00111
Black and Navy - LIROS article 01110

Liros Break Load:
6mm-800kg, 8mm-1400kg, 10mm-2000kg, 12mm-2600kg, 14mm-3600kg, 16mm-5000kg, 18mm-6000kg, 20mm-7000kg, 24mm-10500kg, 30mm-14800kg

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