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Marlow 28mm Multiplait Nylon Mooring Strops

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More Information

Consult the Jimmy Green Mooring Strop Size Guide following the instructions below

Jimmy Green Rope Diameter Benchmark Guide for Single/Double Point Mooring Strops
Yacht Length Overall < 5 metres 5 - 6 metres 6 - 8 metres 8 - 10 metres 10 - 12 metres 12 - 14 metres 14 - 16 metres
Aproximate length in feet < 16 feet 16- 20 feet 20 - 26 feet 26 - 33 feet 33 - 40 feet 40 - 46 feet 46 - 53 feet
Displacement in Tonnes 0.6 tonnes 1 tonnes 2.5 tonnes 5 tonnes 9 tonnes 13 tonnes 16 tonnes
Strop Diameter 14mm 16mm 18mmm 20mm 24mm 28mm 32mm
  1. Find the column in the table that best represents your Boat Length Overall
  2. Compare your displacement with the tonnage listed.
  3. If it is greater than displayed in your column in the table, consider moving across to the next column to increase the diameter.
  4. Take advice on local conditions and check the benchmark size from the table against other similar sized boats moored in your area.
  5. Have a good look at the mooring configurations on neighbouring yachts with a critical eye and judge whether your set up should be the same
  6. Consider whether you can make any improvements in terms of mooring convenience and anti chafe measures

Anchorplait is the optimum solution for single moorings:

  • The rope construction precludes the possibility of cockling (unravelling)
  • The splice design is very secure and will not unravel

Marlow Multiplait White Nylon - 100% Nylon (Polyamide) manufactured by Marlow Ropes for Jimmy Green Marine

Multiplait has the same rope construction as Anchorplait
Multiplait = Anchorplait without the easy splice marker yarns, in fact it has just the one black tracer yarn - the Marlow marker

  • 8 strand construction (2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand) gives a balanced performance and no twist under tension.
  • Flakes like chain
  • Spliceable to chain
  • Multiplait construction won't cockle.
  • High strength and abrasion resistance
  • UV stabilised
  • Retains flexibility throughout working life
  • > 20% working load stretch provides excellent shock absorption

Marlow Ropes Break Load: Minimum 15189kg, Average 18550kg

Simply use the drop down menus to build the item of your choice and get an instant quote.

  • Purchase Type - Custom Build
  • Rope Fibre - Nylon
  • Rope Diameter - 28mm
  • Boat Length (Permanent Strop) - 12-14 metres up to 13 tonnes