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LIROS 14mm Anchorplait Nylon Mooring Strops

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LIROS 14mm Anchorplait Nylon Mooring Strops, prepared in house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.

Consult the information in our Mooring Strop Size Guide to establish the most suitable specification for your motor or sailing yacht, considering the application: single or double point permanent mooring

The Buoy End
Consider how you are going to attach the warp to the buoy.
The most common solution is a strong, rated shackle connection between the ring on the buoy and a hard thimble spliced into the end of the strop

  • Eye Splice - Galvanised Thimble
  • Eye Splice - Stainless Steel Thimble

Anchorplait is the rope that won't cockle, so always select Anchorplait or Octoplait for a swinging mooring

Anchorplait White Nylon Article 01058JG is manufactured EXCLUSIVELY by LIROS Ropes with Easy Splice Markers for Jimmy Green Marine

  • Also available in plain white with LIROS tracer yarn - LIROS article 01058
  • 100% Nylon (Polyamide)
  • Octoplait, Square Braid construction
  • Balanced braiding - 8 strands, 2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand
  • Flakes like chain
  • No twist under tension
  • Non kinking
  • Spliceable to chain
  • High breaking load capacity for dependable strength
  • Excellent durability and wear resistance
  • UV and abrasion resistant
  • Retains flexibility throughout working life
  • > 20% Working Load Stretch provides excellent shock absorption

LIROS Break Load: 14mm 4400kg ~ 16mm ~ 5600kg ~ 18mm 7000kg - 20mm 8140kg ~ 24mm 11800kg ~ 28mm 15000kg ~ 32mm 20000kg

Anti-Chafe Measures
Adding a metre or more of PVC Hose or tubular webbing will help to protect the strop from wear and tear as it passes over the bow roller and extend the working life
The Jimmy Green Rigging Team will sleeve it over the line before splicing the other end

Shock Absorption
You can add a mooring compensator to ameliorate any snatch loads, an optional extra for exposed moorings

Attaching to your strongpoint on deck
Consider how you are going to attach the warp to a strongpoint on the foredeck
The most common solution is a Loop Splice

  • Loop Splice 250mm (inside measurement when pulled out straight)
  • Loop Splice 250mm with anti-chafe webbing - this is a short piece of tube webbing sleeved around the loop - helps to protect the line from wear and tear and extends the working life
  • Purchase Type - Custom Build
  • Rope Fibre - Nylon
  • Rope Diameter - 14mm
  • Boat Length (Permanent Strop) - up to 5 metres or 0.6 tonnes