LIROS 12mm Top Grip - Sheets


New generation line developed by LIROS to supercede traditional matt plait sheets for comfortable cruising.
Excellent grip in winches - Soft-feel handling - 1:1 plaited polyester cover with specially engineered grip fibre blend - High strength polyester core

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LIROS TopGrip (Art 01540-1000) is a perfect cruising sheet rope.

The braid on braid polyester construction provides high abrasion and UV resistance.

The 1:1 plaited cover has been specially formulated with additional 'matt' fibres that are proud of the surface.

This addition creates a soft feel for excellent handling and superior grip on winches for sail handling efficiency.

LIROS Top Grip is available in white with a red, black or blue coding.

LIROS Top Grip Article 01540 Rope Construction:

  • Cover (also known as the outer braid, sheath or jacket) = 1:1 plaited polyester grip fibre and high-tenacity, spun-dyed polyester
  • Core (also known as the inner braid) = high tenacity, maximum tensile strength, plaited polyester

LIROS TopGrip Plus Factors:

  • Exceptional Grip
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Comfortable handling
  • Non kinking, balanced construction
  • LIROS top quality consistency - core and cover in synchronised tension
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent control and wear resistance around winches
  • Solid round construction that doesn't flatten under load
  • UV stable and naturally resilient to damage from exposure to the sun
  • Spliceable
  • Spliceable to Wire
  • Stretch at working load < 5%

DiameterLBLMax SAWLS
8mm1350kg20sqm< 5%
10mm2200kg30sqm< 5%
12mm3000kg40sqm< 5%
14mm4200kg70sqm< 5%

LBL = LIROS Break Load
Max SA = LIROS recommended Maximum Sail Area
WLS = LIROS Working Load Stretch i.e. stretch at working load
< = less than

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