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Technical Marine Supplies Round Thimbles
Technical Marine Supplies Round Thimbles

TMS low friction rings

Manufactured from high-grade aluminium

Hard anodised in red

Select by Internal diameter

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More Information

Low friction rings from Technical Marine Supplies are manufactured from specially engineered high grade aluminium and coated with a distinctive hard red anodising which delivers an extremely smooth, low friction finish.

Size TMS Internal Hole Dia Ø
TMS Size 1 ALRT1 10.5mm Centre Hole
TMS Size 2 ALRT2 14mm Centre Hole
TMS Size 3 ALRT3 16mm Centre Hole
TMS Size 4 ALRT4 19mm Centre Hole
TMS Size 5 ALRT5 21mm Centre Hole
TMS Size 6 ALRT7 33mm Centre Hole

TMS "Round Thimbles" are designed to replace blocks in applications where the line passing through the centre is not constantly moving i.e. under static load.

Round Thimbles add an extra safety dimension because one line is effectively passing through a loop in another line - if the thimble should fail the line is still captive and will not break free.

Applications include:

  • Backstay Cascades
  • Kicker Cascades
  • Jib Clew Control Lines
  • Jib Barber Haulers and Tweakers