Selden Low Friction Rings

Black anodised aluminium

Large inner radius for low friction

Select by internal diameter:

Internal ØMaximum Line Ø

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Selden low friction rings are an extremely versatile and lighter alternative to a plain bearing block.

Selden rings are produced in black anodised aluminium, have a big inner radius for low friction and an outer slot for rope or shock cord attachment to e.g. a deck or mast fitting

Suitable applications are backstay cascades, barber haulers, tweakers, kicker/vang purchases or any other control line lead with a static load.

Low friction rings are not designed to replace ball bearing or roller bearing blocks where free running or continuous adjustment under load are required.

SeldenInternal Ø   Maximum Line ØSWLMBLOutside  Ø

Internal Ø = the internal diameter of the hole inside the ring
Maximum Line Ø = the maximum diameter line that Selden recommend to use through the ring
SWL = Selden Safe Working Load (2:1 Safety Factor)
MBL = Manufacturer (Selden) Break Load
N.B. Outside Ø is actually the outside width dimension across the ring

Barber Hauling or Tweaking is a good example of where low friction rings provide an ideal solution:

Selden Barber Hauler DiagramSerlden Low Friction Ring

Barber Hauling, also known as "Tweaking" is the general term for applying downward pressure on a headsail sheet and/or pulling the clew to windward to improve the slot and increase leech tension.

Reeeve the ring onto the sheet, attaching the tweaker line to a strongpoint, suitably poisitioned inboard and aft of the mast step, one on either side of the deck to create a 2:1 purchase on the sheet.
Improved sail trim can then be achieved by tensioning the tweaker.
Stretch a bungee (elastic cord) from the ring to a shroud high enough to prevent the ring knocking the deck when it is not in use (lazy).

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