Barton Low Friction Rings

Jimmy Green/Barton Low Friction Rings

The Low friction rings from Barton are finished with a dyneema loop in house at Jimmy Green Marine. The dyneema loop allows the ring to be easily 'cow-hitched' onto place.

£ 19.50 VAT incl.

Item Length D12 dia

Barton Eye

line dia

line dia

Size 1 95mm 2.5mm 60449 6mm 3mm
Size 2 135mm 3mm 60450 9mm 4mm
Size 3 165mm 5mm 60451 12mm 6mm
Size 4 245mm 6mm 60452 16mm 10mm
Size 5 280mm 7mm 60453 22mm 12mm
Size 6 400mm 9mm 60454 28mm 16mm

The low friction ring is finished using Marlow Excel D12 for extremely high breaking strains. The throat is 'stitch and whipped' before finally being finished with heat shrink for improved aesthetics.

Available in a variety of sizes. If you wish to specify a different length loop then please get in touch via email and we can quote accordingly.