Clearance Fastfender Hooks

Easy lanyard length adjustment

Simple one handed attachment

Options for rails and wires

UV and salt water resistant

Sold in pairs

£ 11.16 inc VAT

£ 13.95


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The Fastfender design is very simple. The lanyard is attached by passing up through the device (as pictured) turned through 180 degrees and secured in the grip jaws.

The two hooks face opposite directions are spaced so that the rail or wire can slot between them. A 90 degrere twist then engages the hooks for a secure attachment with miniml fuss.

Lengthening the lanyard is therefore achieved by releasing it from the grip jaws and allowing gravity to pull it down. Shortening is achieved by pulling down on the lanyard, both actions are easily performed with the hook attached.

Available in 1 size to suit a guardwire and also in 3 different hook internal diameters to suit 25mm, 32mm and 40mm rails.

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