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Majoni Fender Brass Inflation Valve
Majoni Fender Brass Inflation Valve

Majoni unique design

Durable brass manufacture

Use with bicycle or car foot pump

Fits all Majoni fenders


More Information

Majoni use the same unique design brass valve for all their fenders. 

Majoni Valve Plus Factors:

  • Durable brass manufacture
  • Non return design function
  • Easy to replace
  • Fits all Majoni fenders

N.B. Do not open the non return mechanism (flap) by pushing it too far with a metal pin or nail, because this may damage the valve.

Majoni warn that the use of a needle type adaptor, in particular, for inflation will damage the valve.

Try to avoid deflating any of your Majoni fenders, but if you find it necessary, probe into the valve with a biro pen, pushing only the minimum distance possible to gently open the non-return mechanism and listen for the air escaping.

Majoni recommend an optimum inflation pressure = 0.2 bar - at this pressure it should be possible to visibly press in the fender wall with the flat of your hand
The pressure inside your fenders will change with the ambient temperature so it is important to keep a check on the inflation

Majoni Valve Replacement Instructions:

To replace a damaged Majoni valve:

  1. Screw an M3 threaded bolt or machine screw into the valve,
  2. Grip the bolt head firmly with a pair of pliers and pull the valve out of the fender wall
  3. Push the new valve into the hole in the fender wall by the same method i.e. using a bolt, pliers and hand pressure.

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