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Hamma Skene Type Fairlead
Hamma Skene Type Fairlead

Hamma™ Skene angled entry profile


Marine Grade AISI316 DIN1.4408 stainless

Mirror Polished Finish

Left and right-handed for port and starboard deployment

Maximum Rope Diameter:

4.5" Fairlead: 14mm,  6" Fairlead: 18mm


More Information

Hamma™ Handed (Port and Starboard) Skene Fairleads are precision-cast in one piece from AISI316 DIN1.4408 stainless for maximum rust and stain resistance.

Hamma™ manufacture their marine grade stainless steel components in their expansive, state-of-the-art factory in Thailand. 

Hamma™ have a highly skilled engineering team dedicated to the design of tensile stainless steel solutions.

The Hamma™ production team undertake every step in the manufacturing process under strict quality control to ISO 9001:2008 with ISO 17025 certification.

Hamma Skene Fairleads

Hamma™ LH Hamma™ RH Size Width Length Hole Ø
4.5" Fairlead 23mm 114mm 5mm
6" Fairlead 34mm 150mm 6mm

LH = Left Hand, RH = Right Hand

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