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Certified green pin mooring swivel
Certified green pin mooring swivel
Certified green pin mooring swivel - Diagram of measurements

Genuine Van Beest Manufacture

Hot dip galvanised finish

Size refers to steel bar diameter

Manufacturer load rated

Eye/Eye design for use with tested shackles

Produced from quenched and tempered high tensile steel in the Netherlands


More Information

Genuine Van Beest Green Pin® Eye Eye Swivel G-7713 are manufactured with plain bearings for relatively static in-line load

Plain bearing in this case = steel directly on steel with no additional bush or lining.

Green Pin® swivels without bearings are not designed to turn under load, but to readjust their rotational plane when the strain is released.

Van Beest Advisory
Green Pin Swivels are designed to withstand in-line forces.
The WLL does not apply to lateral loads.

Important Points, Facts and Features:

  • Eye to Eye design for use with tested shackles
  • Size refers to steel bar diameter
  • Genuine Van Beest Manufacture
  • Manufacturer Load Rated
  • Certificates are available on request
  • Manufactured to US Federal Specification RR-C-271 Type VII, Class II
  • WLL = Working Load Limit
  • Safety Factor = x 5
  • Manufacturer Break Load = 5 x WLL

Certified Green Pin Galvanised Mooring Swivel Diagram

Mooring Swivel Dimensions
Working Load Limit
Diameter Length b Width c Length d Width e Length f Length g Reference Weight
0.39 tons 6mm 87mm 32mm 18mm 19mm 27mm 75mm 78901 0.10kg
0.57 tons 8mm 106mm 41mm 21mm 25mm 32mm 90mm 78802 0.18kg
1.02 tons 10mm 129mm 51mm 24mm 32mm 38mm 110mm 78803 0.32kg
1.6 tons 13mm 164mm 64mm 33mm 38mm 51mm 138mm 78804 0.6kg
2.4 tons 16mm 199mm 76mm 40mm 44mm 60mm 167mm 78805 1.13kg
3.3 tons 19mm 221mm 89mm 44mm 51mm 67mm 183mm 78806 1.82kg
4.5 tons 22mm 257mm 102mm 52mm 57mm 78mm 213mm 2.55kg
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