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Jimmy Green Netting Needle
Jimmy Green Netting Needle

Ideal for seizing and lacing

Makes the job so much easier

No lengthy reeving, no tangles

Ideal for Guardrail Netting

Dimensions L=24.8, W=3.2, D=0.6 in centimetres


More Information

Jimmy Green Netting Needles, also known as shuttles, are manufactured from a durable and flexible plastic nylon.

Ideal for securing Guardrail Netting to the the Guardwires

Our netting needle is a modern day imitation of a traditional fisherman's netting repair tool. It works like a large bobbin which can be loaded with a long length of thin cord.

When the needle is correctly loaded with suitable twine, it can be passed through each mesh of the net in one easy pass.

Without a netting needle, the task is much more daunting. Imagine either tying each mesh individually or trying to pass a bundle of twine through each mesh, seizing it and passing to the next mesh without an enormous tangle.

With a correctly loaded netting needle, it is possible to seize the netting to the selected wire or border cord.
Secure each mesh of the guardrail netting to e.g. the guardwire with a succession of clove hitches or half hitches

Loading instructions:

  1. Tie off the end of your selected cord on the inner tongue and slide the knot down to the bottom.
  2. Stretch the line down to the U capturing shape at the bottom of the needle, turn the needle over and stretch the line up to and around the inner tongue (where the line started).
  3. Take care not to introduce a twist into the line because this will cause problems when you come to use it on the job.
  4. Repeat actions 1. and 2. until the inner tongue is approximately 2/3 full.

N.B. if you fully load the inner tongue, it may bend (or even break off) when you tension the line.

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