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Braided White Nylon Stowage Netting
Braided White Nylon Stowage Netting

Machine Made Netting in Braided White Nylon

Ideal for creating extra storage space

Approximate Mesh Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5mm

Available by the metre, 1 metre wide


Price per metre

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Storage Netting

Jimmy Green Stowage Netting is machine manufactured from white nylon on a special braiding machine. There are no knots. The joins are braided together.

Facts, Plus Factors and Helpful Tips:

  • Keeps fruit and vegetables aired and fresher for longer
  • Excellent for holding anything that is not too heavy in place (like a mini lee cloth), storage shelves, a diver's goody bag or even a prawn net ! 
  • Can be fitted in awkward nooks and crannies to optimise your stowage capacity
  • Approximately 1 metre wide
  • Buy the length you require in metres e.g. if you elect to purchase 2 metres, you will receive a piece approximately 2 metres long x 1 metre wide
  • N.B. nylon stowage net is stretchy, hence the advisory: approximately
  • Stowage net will not unravel but cut edges will fray, so heat sealing with a lighter or hot knife is advisable
  • Available in two mesh sizes:

Size = approx 1/2'' (12.5mm) join to join

Design Tips and useful extras:

Use LIROS 8 Plait White Polyester as a border cord on e.g. 3 sides and LIROS Shock Cord on the fourth to facilitate access and retrieval.

  • Purchase Type - Per metre
LIROS 8 plait White Polyester 01040
Jimmy Green Netting Needle
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