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Barton Rudder Gudgeon

Barton Rudder Gudgeon

Marine grade stainless steel

Durable black nylon

Select by width = gap between straps

Drilled for 5mm fixings

9.5mm diameter pintles


More Information

Barton Rudder Pintles and Gudgeons are manufactured from tough, durable black nylon mouldings and marine grade stainless steel.

Available in 4 sizes to suit 19mm, 22mm, 35mm and 50mm thickness of rudder stock.

i.e. the sizing refers to the gap between the straps.

Diameter for all pintles = 9.5mm

All Pintles and Gudgeons have drilled holes for 5mm fixings.

There are 3 fastening points on the pintle and 2 on the gudgeon.

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