Polyform Heavy Duty F Series Fenders

Polyform Norway Heavy Duty Fenders - F-series cylindrical fenders

Supplied deflated


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  • White with Blue Ends
  • Navy

Supplied deflated

Jimmy Green Fender Lanyards

Available in White with Navy Blue Ends or All Navy

All Black F Series Polyform Fenders are available to order

Polyform Norway have been manufacturing fenders since 1955.
Polyform Norway employ a unique, in-house developed and patented POLYMATIQ® technology to produce the latest design version of their world renowned F-series cylindrical fenders

Very high load capacity - rib reinforced solid rope hold eye at each end

Strength Tested in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees C to +50 degrees C

Flexibility Tested in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees C to +50 degrees C

Tough, resilient abrason resistant material

Robust uniform wall thickness

Smooth glossy finish, seamless construction

Excellent energy absorption (up to 3.8 tonnes pm for F13)

Polyform Diameter Length Volume Weight Eye Dia. Yacht LOA
F01L 130mm 560mm 5.3L 0.75kg 18mm 5-7m
F1 150mm 610mm 8L 1.0kg 22mm 5-7m
F02 200mm 660mm 15L 1.65kg 25mm 5-7m
F2 220mm 610mm 16L 1.75kg 28mm 5-7m
F3 220mm 745mm 22L 2.1kg 28mm 7-9m
F4 220mm 1040mm 35L 2.9kg 28mm 7-9m
F5 290mm 775mm 35L 3.0kg 28mm 9-14m
F6 290mm 1090mm 60L 4.2kg 28mm 9-14m
F7 375mm 1020mm 85L 5.3kg 28mm 14-18m
F8 375mm 1440mm 135L 7.6kg 28mm 14-18m
F11 590mm 1455mm 275L 10.5kg 28mm >18m
F13 750mm 1880mm 700L 23.0kg 40mm >18m
Yacht LOA = Approximate Size Guide relating to LOA (Length Overall)

Available in:
White with Navy Blue Ends
All Navy
All Black

These Polyform Fenders can be inflated and deflated using a variety of tools shown in the Polyform Inflation Guide