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Polyform Norway Heavy Duty Buoy Fenders

Polyform Norway Heavy Duty Buoy Fenders - with lanyard
Polyform Norway Heavy Duty Buoy Fenders
Polyform Norway Heavy Duty Buoy Fenders

Premium Norway A Series - Supplied deflated

Optional LIROS 3 strand polyester lanyards spliced directly onto the fender by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Lanyards produced to order, subject to splicing lead times

White A1-A4 in stock - remainder of the range held in stock at our supply partners


More Information

Polyform (Norway) Heavy Duty Buoy Fenders - Premium A Series - White with Navy Blue Tops

Supplied deflated unless otherwise requested

Polyform Norway have been manufacturing fenders since 1955.
Polyform Norway employ a unique, in-house developed and patented POLYMATIQ® technology to produce the latest design version of their world renowned A-series buoy fenders

Polyform Norway Premium A Series Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Very high load capacity - rib reinforced solid rope hold eye
  • Strength Tested in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees C to +50 degrees C
  • Flexibility Tested in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees C to +50 degrees C
  • Tough, resilient abrason resistant material
  • Robust uniform wall thickness
  • Smooth glossy finish, seamless construction
  • Excellent energy absorption (up to 3.8 tonnes pm for F13)

Jimmy Green Optional Spliced Lanyards:

  • Top Quality LIROS 3 strand polyester spliced directly onto the eye of the fender by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.
  • Each splice consists of 4 full tucks and a taper tuck.
  • The other end is prepared with a neat heat sealing finish.
  • Rope colour to match buoy fender
Polyform Diameter Length PGB PRML Weight Eye Dia. Spliced Lanyard
Length / Diameter
A1 29.5cm 38cm 13.0kg 7.8kg 1.15kg 22mm 1.5m x 8mm
A2 39cm 50cm 32.0kg 19.2kg 2.1kg 25mm 1.5m x 10mm
A3 46cm 57.5cm 52.0kg 31.2kg 3.1kg 28mm 1.5m x 10mm
A4 55cm 71cm 90.0kg 54.0kg 4.1kg 28mm 1.5m x 10mm
A5 71cm 94cm 215.0kg 129.0kg 8.3kg 28mm 2m x 12mm
A6 85cm 112cm 405.0kg 243.0kg 11.3kg 35mm 3m x 14mm
A7 110cm 142cm 670.0kg 402.0kg 21.0kg 60mm 3m x 14mm

PGB = Polyform Gross Weight
PRML = Polyform Recommended maximum Load
Do not over inflate - take note of the Gross Buoyancy / Recommended Maximum Load
Maximum 0.15 bar of pressure at 20 degrees Celsius

If you prefer the versatility of attaching your fender lanyards with a cow hitch through the eye:

Jimmy Green Fender Lanyards

or for a really smart braided line:

Jimmy Green Braid on Braid Fender Lanyards

Polyform Fenders can be inflated and deflated using a variety of tools shown in the POLYFORM Inflation Guide

  • Colour - White with Blue Ends
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Fender Flutes

Jimmy Green Fender Lanyards - White, Navy, Black

Fendequip Fender Covers, Polyform Norway Buoys and Fenders

Polyform Norway Fender Inflation Nozzle Adaptor
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