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Hempel Prop Primer

Eco Friendly Product
Hempel Prop Primer

Anti-corrosive spray primer and tie coat

Ideal for outdrives and propellers

Fast drying

Easy to apply

Matt finish

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More Information

Hempel Prop Primer is an anti-corrosive aerosol primer or tie coat before finishing with an appropriate high-performance antifouling or silicone hydrogel fouling release system

Hempel Prop Primer Facts and Features:

  • Suitable for a wide variety of substrates
  • Hempel recommendation as a primer for outdrives and propellers
  • Excellent adherence to most substrates
  • Fast drying - touch dry in 20 minutes at 20 degrees centigrade
  • Minimum application temperature 15 degrees centigrade
  • One-hour minimum recoating interval at 20 degrees centigrade
  • Easy to apply
  • Matt finish
  • 500ml aerosol can
  • Colour: Stone Grey

Hempel Preparation and Application Method

Ensure all surfaces are clean, oil-free and dry.
Clean with a pre-clean or degreaser.

Apply the spray 20-30cm from the surface.

Hempel Mixing Advice
Hold the can in a vertical position and shake well until the agitator ball is heard, then continue shaking for a further 2 minutes.
Shake can occasionally during use.
Spray upside down at the end of the application to clean the nozzle.

Hempel Preparation for previously coated surfaces
Remove old layers of antifouling, primer and loose matter.
Remove dust.
Clean with Pre-clean or a degreaser. 
Wash the surface with fresh water and allow it to dry.
Apply a layer of Prop Primer onto the bare substrate, then apply several layers of Prop Primer to obtain a smooth and uniform surface.

Hempel Preparation for bare, previously uncoated surfaces
Hempel recommends a tie coat, first layer followed by one layer at a time until a smooth and uniform surface is attained.

Hempel Recommended Coats
Coverage by spray should be much thinner than brushing or rolling, so multiple coats are recommended to obtain the required depth.