Hempel Prop Primer

Hempel Prop Primer

Anti-corrosive spray primer and tiecoat.

Ideal for outdrives and propellers.

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Hempel's Prop Primer, an Aerosol, is an anti-corrosive primer for a large variety of substrates.

Particularly recommended as a primer for outdrives and propellers.

Prop Primer has very good adherence to most substrates.

Fast drying, easy to apply with a matt finish.

Overcoat with Mille Drive or appropriate antifouling Gel/High protect.


Stone Grey

Preparations and application
Ensure all surfaces are clean, oil free and dry.
Clean with a pre-clean or degreaser.

Hold the can in a vertical position and shake well until agitator ball is heard, then continue shaking for a further 2 minutes.
Skake can occassionally during use.
Spray upside down at the end of spraying to clean nozzle.

On a previous costing
Remove old layers of antifouling and primer and loose matter.
Remove dust.
Clean with Pr-clean or a degreaser. 
Wash surface with fresh water and allow to dry.
Apply a layer of Prop Primer onto bare substrate then apply several layers of Prop Primer to obtain a smooth and uniform surface.

On previously uncoated surface
It is recommended the first layer is applied as a tiecoat then apply a  layer at a time until you obtain smooth and uniform surface.
Apply spray 20-30cm from the surface.

Recommended Coats
The coverage obtained by the application with an aerosol is much thinner than with other methods. 
To obtain require thickness, apply at least 2 coats.

Touch dry in 20 minutes at 20c
Recoating intervals should be at a minimum 1 hour at 20c
Minimum applicaton temperature 15c