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Primers and Thinners

Jimmy Green Marine offer a range of boat primers (also known as first, primary or base coats) from renowned UK manufacturers, Hempel.

Hempel Primers are specifically aimed at providing an excellent foundation for protective coatings both above and below the waterline on boats and yachts.

Selecting the correct primer for each type of finishing coat or area onboard is fundamental to providing the necessary protection from the rigours of marine weather conditions.

Jimmy Green Marine recommend Hempel for specifically marine-targeted, hard wearing, value for money, protective first layer coatings for boats and yachts.

Hempel Thinners are available for all Hempel paint products which will also work admirably on different brands of finish, subject to the correct thinner being applied for each individual paint formula. Use Hempel Thinners for thinning paint (following manufacturer guidelines) cleaning surfaces and brushes/rollers.

Jimmy Green Marine offer Hempel primers for all substrates and environments:

  • Before Antifouling - for continual immersion in fresh or salt water
  • Before a second (or third) primer/undercoat application followed by Top Coat - for good adhesion between bare surfaces and the next layering application
  • Before a second (or third) primer/undercoat application followed by Deck Paint - for good adhesion and abrasion resistance between bare surfaces and the next layering application
  • Before a second (or third) primer/undercoat application followed by Bilge Paint - to aid adhesion in areas that are difficult to clean or keep dry

The Hempel Advantage: Hempel have developed a special formula so that the same paint can be used for both the first priming coat, and any subsequent undercoat, all in one tin. Available in grey and white, choosing alternate colours will help ensure 100% coverage. By selecting colours in the correct order, it is easier to check that you haven't missed a bit on each coat and your final undercoat will have the correct base for a colour finish from your top coat. e.g. for a dark topcoat finish on a 3 coat system, apply white primer, grey undercoat, dark top coat or for a dark topcoat finish on a 4 coat system, apply grey primer, white undercoat, grey undercoat, dark top coat Jimmy Green Advisory: It is important to follow the manufacturer directions on preparation as well as application.

Guide to obtaining the best possible finish for paint and antifouling:

  • Fill and sand meticulously to erase any imperfections, aiming at the best practicable surface to provide good adhesion and a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Ensure that the surface is dry
  • Ensure that the surface is clean and particle (dust) free 
  • Apply in dry, dust free conditions
  • Apply by good quality brush or roller according to manufacturer guidance
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions on priming
  • Adhere to the drying/curing time stated on the tin before applying the next coat/undercoat

Meticulous Packaging: The tins are packaged with care, sealed with tape and packed into carboard boxes, padded out with extra packaging material, where required. The zealous sealing and the extra impact protection means that there is very little chance of any leakage. Sometimes, the tins can arrive a little dented, but that doesn't affect the quality of the paint :-)

Shipping by Courier Primers, Thinners and similar paint products can only be sent by specific couriers. Please select 'Antifoul and Paint' as your shipping option at checkout. Many couriers will not accept paint and antifouling. Royal Mail/Parecelforce ban it absolutely and threaten fines for misuse of their carrying terms. Therefore, there are no shipping options by post.

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