Wichard Sail Pre-feeder

Easy to install

Fit below any headsail reefing foil

Open/close action

Guides the luff into the foil

Trouble free hoists

Suitable for C290-C530 Profurl Systems

£ 83.50 inc VAT

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No need to remove the headsail from the luff groove before re-hoisting, just open the prefeeder and close it around the luff tape.

Ease of use:
To open simply push the spring with your thumb, the jaws will open automatically.
To close, squeeze the jaws together between thumb and fingers, until the spring re-engages.

Easy to install:
The prefeeder is simple to fit below any headsail foil or headsail reefing configuration.
In the closed position, it ensures a smooth and easy sail hoist.

Suitable for Profurl Reefing Systems C290- C530

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