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Red Ensigns - Printed and Sewn
Red Ensigns - Printed and Sewn
Red Ensigns - Printed and Sewn
Red Ensigns - Printed and Sewn
Red Ensigns - Printed and Sewn

Manufactured in Italy

Top quality woven bunting

UV resistant 100% polyester

Sewn - 3/4 yard up to 2 yard


More Information

2 1/2 yard and 3 yard sewn ensigns are also available to order.

Jimmy Green Red Ensigns, manufactured in our supplier partner's modern factory in Italy from top quality UV resistant 100% polyester woven bunting.

Sewn Ensign:

  • from 3/4 yard up to 2 yard
  • Component panels cut out from top quality UV resistant 100% polyester woven bunting
  • Colourfast and fade resistant
  • All panels stitched together with top stitched fell seams to form the full ensign pattern
  • Hoist reinforced with special flag webbing tape
  • Braided line sewn into the integral hoist tape creating a loop at the top and a tail at the bottom as per the photos
  • Finished with twin stitched hems (outside edges)

The yard sizing (traditional diagonal measurement) is nominal and may vary slightly due to the nature of the production/sewing process.

Nominal length and height measurements are tabled in the guide below.

Top quality wooden toggles are available at a reasonable cost which can be fitted to the loop at the top of the hoist if required:

Wooden Flag Toggle

A UK registered vessel should fly the national maritime flag, the Red Ensign, unless entitled to fly a special or privileged Ensign

The most senior position for a flag on a vessel is reserved for the Ensign - this should be flown from as close to the stern of the vessel as possible and denotes the nationality of the vessel

Selecting the appropriate size for your Ensign:

  • The Yard Size refers to the outside diagonal measurement e.g. from the top corner of the hoist to the bottom corner of the fly end.
  • The fly is measured along the horizontal length, top or bottom
  • The hoist is measured down the vertical length of the left hand side next to the staff.
  • The Fly end is the opposite end to the hoist = the end that flies in the breeze

As a guide, your Ensign should be proportionate to the LOA and the style/design of the yacht.

There is an old rule of thumb: an inch per foot of yacht length but this may look rather too small for modern yachts to look "well dressed"

The Ensign hoist measurement also needs to be compatible with the length of the flagstaff.

i.e. The length of the flagstaff between the truck (head) and the cleat must be, at the very least, greater than the hoist measurement so that there is sufficient room to tension the hoist line or halyard

The gap between the bottom of the hoist and the cleat is a matter of personal choice.

A more modern interpretation of suitable Red Ensign yard size is suggested in the chart below but....

Ultimately, the size of a Red Ensign is entirely up to the owner's discretion and if it looks right then it is right

Yard Size Finish Fly Hoist Staff Length Yacht LOA
1/2 Printed 48cm 32cm 60cm < 7m
3/4 Printed or Sewn 69cm 40cm 62/65/80cm 6-9m
1 Printed or Sewn 90cm 45cm 80/100cm 9-12m
1 1/4 Printed or Sewn 104cm 56cm 90/120cm 10-14m
1 1/2 Printed or Sewn 132cm 70cm 100/125cm 12-16m
2 Sewn 180cm 90cm 125/150cm 14-18m
2 1/2 Sewn 225cm 110cm > 1.5 metres 18m-20m
3 Sewn 274cm 137cm > 2 metres >20m

Guide Reference:
Yard Size = traditional method of measurement = length of the diagonal
Finish = Sewn = individual panels stitched together to complete the flag
Fly = nominal length, may vary slightly due to the nature of the production/sewing process
Hoist = nominal height, may vary slightly due to the nature of the production/sewing process
Staff Length = the length overall of the flagstaff, not the measurement between truck and cleat which will be less
LOA = Yacht length overall

Printed or Sewn Ensign ?

There are two distinct schools of thought regarding your Red Ensign and either view is acceptable:

  1. Printed - is less than half the cost and ‘will soon be blown out anyway'
  2. Sewn - is the only proper flag to fly and will also last longer
  • Flag Size - 3/4 Yard
  • Flag Size - 1 Yard
  • Flag Size - 1 1/4 Yard
  • Flag Size - 1 1/2 Yard
  • Flag Size - 2 Yard
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