Felco Wire Cutters

Felco Cutters make a clean cut without squashing due to the triangular cutting system, generally acknowledged as the best manual cutters available, manufactured in Switzerland

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Manufactured in Switzerland by FELCO
Lightweight, strong and sturdy thanks to special aluminium alloys and advanced precision forging methods perfectly mastered by FELCO.

The blades squeeze and restrict the cable instead of squashing it.
Thanks to this feature, it is generally not necessary to tie the cable before the cut to avoid unravelling.

Felco manufacture the blades and centre bolt from high-quality hardened steel for exceptional performance.

Ergonomic, energy efficient, pressed steel handles with non-slip grips

Felco C7
Thumb catch designed for one-handed operation

Felco C12
Unbreakable hardened handles made of forged aluminium and comfortable plastic coating with a lifetime guarantee
Replacement parts are available

Felco SizeMaximum Wire Diameter S/S 1 x 19Maximum Wire Diameter S/S 7 x 19Cutters Overall Length


After cleaning, it is advisable to oil the tool so as to protect it from corrosion. Oil will also unjam the tool.

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