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Seldén Tenon Heel Assembly For Carbon Masts

Seldén Tenon Heel Assembly For Carbon Masts

Series 2



designed for use on Seldén dinghy mast extrusions


More Information

There are three versions or series. This is the Series 2 version

A feature of the new mast heel is the slight radius on the bearing surface to help spread the load of the mast and ensure a constant load distribution through the full range of rake. A locating notch has been incorporated into the design as an aid when stepping the mast, and an A-line is used on all fittings to help guarantee perfect alignment between the heel and mast section.

Injection moulded from an advanced composite, the new mast heel and adaptors are significantly lighter in weight than aluminium ones, have high shear strength and are very durable. Unlike the more traditional alloy mast heel, this new range does not react with carbon.