Selden Rodkicker 10

Boom support system

Optional integral gas spring

Select Standard or Long - see below

Rodkicker with Spring:

lifts the boom when vang is released

dispenses with the topping lift

Select No Gas, Normal Gas or Hard Gas

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Selden world renowned design and engineering prowess culminates in an outstanding rigging hardware upgrade for cruising and performance yachts.
The Selden Rodkicker is a boom support system comprising a telescopic anodised aluminium extrusion with thrust absorbing bushes, an optional lifting gas spring, end brackets for attaching to the boom and mast sections, and a flexible wire starting point for the kicking strap.

A rodkicker without gas spring prevents the boom from dropping dangerously in the event of a topping lift failure, during mainsail reefing or dropping.
However, the benefits are much greater with a gas spring fitted because of the lifting moment it provides.
90% or more of the rodkickers that we sell are with the gas spring option

Selden Rodkicker Benefits and Features:

  • Selden reliabilty
  • Marine Grade Anodised Aluminium and 316 stainless steel components
  • Optional integral gas spring
  • Simple retro-fitting for gas spring for any Rodkicker that is without one
  • Protection of the deck and the crew from an accidental boom crash
  • The reduction of windage and weight aloft

Selden Rodkicker Plus Factors with Gas Spring fitted:

  • The option to dispense with a topping lift
  • The ability to maintain a fixed angle between mast and boom - helps to  
  • Useful control when reefing the mainsail or dropping the mainsail into a bag with the aid of lazyjacks
  • The boom rises when the pressure on the kicking strap is released, which allows the mainsail leech to open providing more power, especially for heavy booms in light airs.

Gas Spring Specification:
There are three strength options for the gas spring : Normal, Hard or Extra Hard.
The correct spring for your rig will depend on the model, the weight of the boom and the rodkicker angle.
Consult the Selden Guide (see link at the bottom of this page) and if you are still not confident which spring you require, the Jimmy Green Rigging Team are always on hand to help you make the correct selection for your rig.

Selden Rodkicker 10 Quick Size Guide
Max. Righting MomentFractional Rig25 kNm
Masthead Rig35 kNm
Max. DisplacementFractional Rig5 tonnes
Masthead Rig6 tonnes

Rodkicker Design Features:

  • The rodkicker is designed so that one extrusion slides inside the other with the help of easy-glide nylon (plastic) end plugs and bushes.
  • These plugs and bushes are also designed to help dampen any effect of the rod sections accidentally bottoming out.
  • The upper boom end fitting (pin included) has a sympathetic rounded profile with an enclosed wire sheave and a recessed split pin to avoid potential snagging on sails or the crew. See illustration in yellow box.
  • The lower mast end fitting (pin included) has a protruding attachment lug which allows the lower vang block to clear the aluminium rod and articulate freely from port to starboard.
  • The free movement of the lower block allows for ergonomic adjustment by the crew from both sides on deck or alternatively, provides for a good angle to the next fixed turning point back to the cockpit. See illustration in red box.

Selden Rodkicker Boom End Selden Rodkicker Mast End

Rodkicker Kicking Strap Specification:

The blocks and the line which make up the kicking strap tackle are not included in the Rodkicker, but the flexible stainless steel wire that runs from the bottom of the rod around the top sheave culminating in a free end (made off with a stainless steel thimble eye) does come as part of the kit.
Either the existing vang or a new tackle system should be connected to the eye on the end of the wire at the top and shackled to the protruding lug at the bottom.

Universal, as well as Selden specific, boom and mast brackets are available if the rodkicker ends do not fit straight on to your existing kicking strap attachment points.
The Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team are on hand to help you find the correct part number.

The wire creates a 2:1 purchase which doubles the power of your existing vang, and also reduces the load by 50%
This means that your existing kicking strap blocks and control line should have the required specification to continue in service (subject to an adjustment in length) because they should be stronger than the Selden recommendation.
You can check the required block sizes on the charts below.

A study of the Selden charts confirms that their recommended specification for the blocks on the Kicking Strap is higher than those for the Rodkicker Tackle.
This is due to the integral wire part of the rodkicker which reduces the load on the tackle by 50%.

The Selden Rodkicker sizing recommendations are based on a combination of Yacht Length Overall and Righting Moment calculated at 30% of heel.
Righting moment is a measure of a yacht's ability to carry sail and is approximately proportional to displacement.
Selden use the righting moment of a yacht as a major factor in their recommended specifications right across their range of rigging applications and hardware, so it is extremely useful to know the answer for your own yacht.
You will need to enter your Beam in mm, Draft in mm, Displacement in kg, Ballast in kg, whether it has a bulb or wing keel and the number of crew members normally on the rail:


Selden recommended blocks for Kicking StrapSelden recommended blocks for Rodkicker Tackle

Select the correct Rodkicker size by: Maximum Righting Moment in kNm (or Displacement in tonnes)
There are two sizing charts: 1. Fractional Rig and 2. Masthead Rig:

1. Fractional Rig
Rodkicker ModelMaximum Righting MomentMaximum DisplacementCurrent Selden Boom SectionPrevious Selden/Kemp Boom SectionBoom HeightMinimum LengthSWL
Type 05 Standard12.5kNm2.5 tonnesB087-B12086/59-111/75< 900mm1150mm8kN
Type 10 Standard25kNm5 tonnesB087-B15286/59-111/75, 128/90≤ 1100mm1360mm12kN
Type 10 Long25kNm5 tonnesB087-B15286/59-111/75, 128/90> 1100mm1670mm12kN
Type 20 Standard50kNm9 tonnesB171-B200150/105-189/132, 206/139≤ 1400mm1720mm18kN
Type 20 Long50kNm9 tonnesB171-B200150/105-189/132, 206/139> 1400mm2260mm18kN
Type 30 Standard120kNm20 tonnesB200-B250x≤ 1800mm2200mm38kN
Type 30 Long120kNm20 tonnesB200-B250x> 1800mm2700mm38kN
2. Masthead Rig
Rodkicker ModelMaximum Righting MomentMaximum DisplacementCurrent Selden Boom SectionPrevious Selden/Kemp Boom SectionBoom HeightMinimum LengthSWL
Type 05 Standard15kNm3.9 tonnesB087-B12086/59-111/75< 900mm1150mm8kN
Type 10 Standard35kNm6 tonnesB087-B15286/59-111/75, 128/90≤ 1100mm1360mm12kN
Type 10 Long35kNm6 tonnesB087-B15286/59-111/75, 128/90> 1100mm1670mm12kN
Type 20 Standard70kNm11 tonnesB171-B200150/105-189/132, 206/139≤ 1400mm1720mm18kN
Type 20 Long70kNm11 tonnesB171-B200150/105-189/132, 206/139> 1400mm2260mm18kN
Type 30 Standard160kNm25 tonnesB200-B250x≤ 1800mm2200mm38kN
Type 30 Long160kNm25 tonnesB200-B250x> 1800mm2700mm38kN

Boom Height is denoted and measured as per XBH, see image below
SWL = Selden Safe Working Load

Selden Rodkicker Boom Height Diagram

There is more detailed information from Selden on sizing, see below.


If you are still uncertain which model and/or gas spring is best suited to your yacht, please contact the Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team with your yacht details for a reassuring check by the Selden experts.

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